Why You Need Supply Chain Diversity #infographic

Why You Need Supply Chain Diversity #infographic

Check out our infographic showing supplier solutions, the influence of the culture, and the rules of engagement redefined:

Lean supply chains have been vital to business across industries for decades, but supply chains must now change.

Problems were so common in 2020 that the general public began worrying about the supply chain.

Shortage of fundamental necessities

Paper for toilets

Things for Food

PPE Anyway

Plans for the delivery of vaccines

How is a vaccine going to be delivered to over 300 million Americans?

Can we produce the necessary vials, syringes, and other items?

COVID-19, however, began to influence corporations even before it hit the pandemic scale.

US companies were already experiencing supply chain instability at the beginning of February.


Infographic by: thediversityconsortium.com

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