RV Essentials: A Must-Have List When Camping #infographic

RV Essentials: A Must-Have List When Camping #infographic

Just because you have an RV for your camping trips now doesn't mean you can go where you please on a whim free of charge.

Your first duty is to make sure that the necessary RV accessories and other equipment are accessible to you. What happens if your water line breaks or you have a flat tyre? What would you do if you were not given the right tools? You're not necessarily going to be parked next door or be with other trailer travellers whom you can ask for assistance. You will need to call MacGyver or wait for support to come.

When you have the required equipment or camper supplies, typical travel trailer issues such as these can be resolved. All flows better, and when you have the righteous, the journey becomes 100 percent more enjoyable 


Infographic by: rvpartshop.ca

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