80 Jobs That Pay Over $50K and Don’t Require a Degree #infographic

80 Jobs That Pay Over $50K and Don’t Require a Degree #infographic

With the rise in student loan debt, more individuals are starting to search for jobs that do not require a college degree. But what are the opportunities without a degree for good-paying jobs? Using data pulled from the United States The U.S. Career Institute's Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled a list of 80 occupations that do not need a degree and have an average annual salary of over $50,000. Although some of the jobs listed will need a little more schooling and need a non-degree post-secondary award, many of the jobs only need a diploma or equivalent from high school. You will also discover that there are no formal education qualifications needed for some high-paying jobs on the list.


Infographic by: www.uscareerinstitute.edu

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