Financial Stability in 2020 and Beyond #infographic

Financial Stability in 2020 and Beyond #infographic

There's no denying it: 2020 was a year-long rollercoaster. As our lives and routines have changed in 2020, so has our attitude to money, how we have invested and saved it, and how we expect to use it in 2021.

We aspire to be there for our members at Travis Credit Union every step along their journey to financial well-being. To learn how their spending and savings patterns changed this year, we surveyed 2,000 Americans, plus their outlook on the economy and their own financial futures.

Half of those we surveyed said they were reining in their 2020 spending. Three in five made it a deliberate choice: due to COVID-19, 52 percent listed financial uncertainty, 28 percent said they only had less possibilities.


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