10 Home Spa Hacks #infographic

10 Home Spa Hacks #infographic

Most of us would love a little more time to de-stress and pamper ourselves, whether you're a company babe, a busy mom or a worn-out spoonie. But what if you don't have the time to visit a wellness spa, money or energy? You're in luck, because you can recreate the basic elements of an indulgent spa day in your own bathroom with a couple of home spa hacks.

An escape from our hectic lives is provided by a day at the spa. You could replicate those peaceful surroundings with a little planning, rest up and treat yourself in ways that match your budget and fitness level. To whip up your own facials, hair masks and relaxing baths, all you need is some me-time and a couple of natural ingredients.


Infographic by: thehealthsessions.com

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