Which Countries Pay the Most and Least for Apple Music? #infographic

Which Countries Pay the Most and Least for Apple Music? #infographic

Nine out of ten internet-faring people download on-demand music. Your streaming habits led to a $20bn market at the beginning of 2020, pumping in over half of the sales of the music industry. But not every market is equally developed. Apple Music, for example, costs customers more in some countries than in others (especially if you take the average wage into account).

Recently, SavingSpot did the math on the relative costs of a subscription to Spotify around the world. In every country where the service is available, we found the cost of Apple Music and compared this to local salaries using the modified net national income per capita data series from the World Bank. In order to see the difference from place to place, we have translated it to American dollars and created a set of maps to show who pays the most and the least for access to the site.

In comparison to Spotify, Apple Music has more songs, greater integration with your personal library, and better iPhone and HomePod compatibility.


Infographic by: www.cashnetusa.com

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