Which Countries Have the Most Affordable Internet? #infographic

Which Countries Have the Most Affordable Internet #infographic

Is the broadband internet, like water and electricity, essential? The case for treating the internet as a service controlled by the government

Before 2020 reached, it was already pretty solid. People all over the world were unexpectedly told to earn their living from home. A wealth of everyday practises were moved online, with fines or arrests for those who violated the rules, from food shopping to meeting friends to wellness consultations.

For many the internet is a literal lifeline. Yet affordable internet connectivity depends on where you are and who you are just like clean water and healthy food. One thing is the cheap internet, but broadband needs to be competitive. If your income is disproportionately poor,' cheap' can not be enough to get you online.

To find out the average monthly wage in almost every country in the world, NetCredit used World Bank data. First, we used the worldwide broadband price analysis from Cable.co.uk to balance these estimates with the cost of a fixed-line broadband package in each location.


Infographic by: www.netcredit.com

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