The Psychology of Naming Your Business #infographic

The Psychology of Naming Your Business #infographic

65 percent of Americans dream of starting a company, and an important first move is to choose a great name. A good business name not only attracts buyers, but it also adds to the knowledge of the brand.

A poorly picked company name, on the other hand, may lead to a decline in customer interest, and may even lead to forced rebranding. Bad company names may mean that a business lacks self-awareness, due diligence, and attention to detail. Bad company names will lead to complete rebranding in the most serious cases.

With Twitter, Subway, Weight Watchers, and The World Wrestling Foundation, similar instances have occurred. Small firms will spend up to $180,000 on average and 8 months on rebranding. Knowing this when you're ahead of the curve, it is wise to take proactive steps.

A name is everything for a brand. Fortunately, a good corporate brand is just steps away. Did you choose a good name for your brand?


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