The Ponzi Scheme turns 100 #infographic

The Ponzi Scheme turns 100 #infographic

Imagine hearing of an investment with consistently high yields. So, FOMO (fear of losing out) sets in and you spend your savings. Your uncle says, "I just got a 50 percent return on an investment in postal coupons." The investment is revealed as a fraud months later and you lose your original deposit, along with the supposed income.

Is this going to sound farfetched? Yeah, that occurred when Charles Ponzi defrauded thousands of Americans in 1920 in Boston. Unfortunately, it wasn't the first or the last time there was a scam of this type. We explain how a Ponzi Scheme operates in this post, countdown 10 of the biggest Ponzi Schemes ever by estimated money taken) and list how one of these scams can be found!


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