The Most Common Health Issues Caused By The 9/11 Attacks #infographic

The Most Common Health Issues Caused By The 9/11 Attacks #infographic

Two decades later, as first responders and survivors continue to be diagnosed with a wide range of physical and mental health problems that they acquired as a direct result of the attacks, the toll from the 9/11 terrorist attacks is still increasing. One of the key reasons for these ongoing health problems is the toxic dust that was created by the Twin Towers' collapse. Millions of tonnes of pulverised cement, concrete, drywall, window glass, and other construction materials, as well as incinerated computers, electrical wiring, heating and cooling ducts, were filled with dust. Since then, exposure to this toxic dust has been related to the development of respiratory and digestive problems in the first responders and survivors who were in the surrounding areas during the attack, a wide range of cancer forms, and mental health conditions. In order to support those who have been affected by these health problems, the World Trade Center Health Program has since been established.


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