The History of Augmented and Virtual Reality #infographic

The History of Augmented and Virtual Reality #infographic

By 2022, 3.5 billion AR devices are expected to be in use. By 2020, it is expected that 1⁄3 of global customers will use VR. It is easy to feel like AR and VR have popped into our lives overnight, but their growth has been coming for a long time.

The AR & VR Source

1838 1838


By Charles Wheatstone, invented

Users were able to display a pair of separate images for each eye, producing a 3D image that seemed to be distant and larger

Oh. 1891


Invented by William Dickson and Thomas Edison

Sent a film piece between a lens and a light bulb while the user peered through a peephole displaying 46 FPS images

In 1929

Link Flight Simulator for Trainers

Created by the Link Piano and Organ Company's Edwin Link

Fuselage, which simulated the movement of aircraft, the enclosure of the cockpit and the practical dangers of air travel through pneumatic pumps

In 1935

Science Fiction: The Spectacles of Pygmalion

Stanley G. Weinbaum's sci-fi tale

A mentioned pair of goggles that allow individuals to experience virtual senses, including vision,


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