The Highest-Paid Twitch Streamers in the World #infographic

The Highest-Paid Twitch Streamers in the World #infographic

The website, which allows users to stream live video gaming broadcasts and other live content, has become a major business since its launch in 2011, with more than 2 million streamers broadcasting monthly. Twitch currently dominates the video game streaming industry with viewership growing in tandem with the increasing success of esports and offers top gamers the ability to earn six-figure incomes.

Streamers can make money from a number of outlets on the web, including advertising, paid subscriptions, and small contributions called Bits and Cheers, which can include live audio feedback about their gameplay and connect with viewers' chats. We wanted to know which streamers were the top earners and where they were located around the world. We used TwitchTracker to measure each user's annual subscription income and TwitchStats to measure their annual donation income (Bits and Cheers).


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