Saudi Arabia Social Media Statistics 2020 #infographic

Saudi Arabia Social Media Statistics 2020 #infographic

KSA Social Media Stats 2020 In the rapidly changing Saudi culture, social media has come to play a decisive role. Saudi Arabia continues to be a powerhouse in social media, becoming one of the world's largest national Snapchat and YouTube markets. The global increase in social media is 9.2 percent annually, and with an exponential annual growth rate of 8.7 percent

Saudi Arabia leads the race among other nations. The 2030 Vision, the long-term blueprint for Saudi Arabia's ambitious and inclusive growth, was mandated by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. With the work in progress on several giga-projects, which are planned to be places of inspiration, exploration and productive dedication for the millennial generation, this has contributed to economic, social and cultural diversification. The initiative also seeks to include women in the workforce and other far-reaching reforms that have created a ripple impact on Saudi society that is expressed on social media platforms. To give meaning to all social media,


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