Living on-Campus vs. Living off-Campus #infographic

Living on-Campus vs. Living off-Campus #infographic

Moving to a college or university from your parents' house is an exciting yet frightening move. You will face a variety of problems and problems that require responsible decisions and careful analysis. The most critical one is probably selecting housing. As you might know, many higher institutions require their undergraduates to live on campus for the first academic years of at least 1-2.

In other situations, right from the start, you can pick a housing option. What is more comfortable, living on- or off-campus, is the question? Will you choose to pay and share it with fellow students for a room in the dormitory? Or renting an apartment in a neighbouring town or city and choosing a roommate to live with? Our experts prepared an illustrative comparison of the housing choices in this infographic. See if on-campus living is more affordable and acceptable for you than off-campus living or not. Either way, find out what obstacles await you.


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