How Many People Smoke Cigarettes in 2020 #infographic

How Many People Smoke Cigarettes in 2020 #infographic

Smoker or not-smoker, you must have wondered at some point how many people smoke cigarettes. Despite all the endeavours and gore "SMOKING KILLS" imagery on cigarette packets, an addictive practise that has been banned from advertising, broad and TV screens, smoking cigarettes is still going high.

In fact, it all began with the manufacture of cigarettes, the most convenient form of smoking tobacco, in the 19th century. The economy simply exploded from then on, and this contributed to the situation we have today.

How many people nowadays smoke? According to the latest available smoking estimates, the response is "too many," which translates as 1.1 billion in figures. Extremely low taxes on tobacco may be one of the reasons for such high numbers. High tobacco taxes currently impact just 14 percent of the global population.


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