Electronic Access Control System #infographic

Electronic Access Control System #infographic

It's always top of mind to keep your organisation safe. The more fragile the process, the more safe it needs to stay. In the easiest and most open way, the use of electronic access control systems (EAC) offers the security you need. They have digital networks and equipment designed to detect entry into your premises and authenticate it. With personalised access provided depending on the person entering your facility, these systems work effectively 24/7. The system combined with log-in information can be used to boost your security measures. Inside your facility, you will have absolute control of who enters any area and decide who is given access to each area. Based on the time and day of the week, you can also restrict access to certain places. Having touchless protection and entry choices is more critical than ever with the onslaught of COVID-19. The combination of hygienic entry options with a protection system that enables you to dictate permission-based entry provides a state-of-the-art entry system.


Infographic by: protectionplus.ca

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