Cybersecurity by the Numbers #infographic

Cybersecurity by the Numbers #infographic

According to the 2019 End-of-Year Data Breach Study of the Identity Fraud Resource Center, data breaches rose by 17 percent in 2019 compared to 2018. Although the number of breaches rose in 2019, the number of exposed sensitive records decreased; 164,683,455 sensitive records were exposed in 2019, a decrease of 65 percent from the 471,225,862 sensitive records exposed in 2018.

Demand continues to skyrocket for cyber security professionals. In 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that information security analysts' jobs would rise by 28 percent by 2026; in 2018, that number grew to 32 percent by 2028, with the highest growth rate expected in the area of developing computer systems and related services.


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