Amazon: King Of The Supplements Business? #infographic

Amazon: King Of The Supplements Business? #infographic

The aim of The Unwinder is to provide trustworthy information to readers on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle safely and effectively. That's why we not only recommend health products from reputable brands with solid science behind them like our best analysis of collagen powders, we also publish in-depth descriptions of why you should buy such health products carefully, such as our assessment of the best (and worst) UV light sanitizers you can purchase.

We have become increasingly worried about supplements on Amazon over the course of operating this site. This ultimately leads us to publish an investigation into many 3rd-party Amazon sellers who conceal their true identity, market misleading labelling supplements, and have on their product pages a majority of inauthentic (according to Fakespot) reviews. This study also provides tips about how to stop purchasing supplements that are potentially untrustworthy. 


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