7 Tips for Safe Winter Driving #infographic

7 Tips for Safe Winter Driving #infographic

When you are not used to it, driving in winter weather can be a stressful activity. Here are some tips that you can practise while you are out on those slippery roads to ensure the safety of yourself and others!

1. Take a Long Take

Even the speed limit can be too high when the weather is rough.

2. Give Room to Yourself

Make sure you leave enough space between other vehicles and yourself.

3. Split out of a Pack

Traffic also moves in' packs' and in the middle of one is the last place you want to be.

4. The Weather Plan

Keep an eye on the forecasts of the weather, so you know when challenging conditions are coming and you can plan in advance.

5. On Extra Equipment, stock up

Links, bungees, gloves, flashlights, winter boots, warm clothes, wash-fluid, and anti-gel are fine snow trucking gear.

6. Load Your Tank of Diesel

The extra weight of a full tank would keep the group's tyres on and stop sliding.

7. Strong Decision Use

If the situations seem to be too risky for you to make the journey, call me


Infographic by: adcco.com

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