15 B2B Marketing Strategies to Start Today #infographic

15 B2B Marketing Strategies to Start Today #infographic

“The world of B2B marketing.” It’s a fascinating word. And I do get the English language, because I know it’s simply a way of referring to the whole mix of unique and relevant concepts, strategies, methods, and everything else that makes business-to-business marketing what it is.

But what I find fascinating is that often we talk about B2B marketing as if it were something so foreign, so different from other forms of marketing, and self-contained. This impenetrable cloud of secrets, mysteries and insider information can sound like that.And maybe that's part of it. Certainly, there are aspects that are unique to B2B marketing and involve a different kind of strategy.

But there's also a degree at which it can really do us harm to think of B2B marketing as some kind of platypus of the marketing world.

And that's when certain companies will end up using the bathwater to throw the baby out. They miss all the good things from the business-to-consumer industry that we can experience.


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