12 Nosebleed Tips #infographic

12 Nosebleed Tips #infographic

Summary: 12 Tips for Nose Bleed

Nosebleeds aren't any fun! Learn what induces them and how to correctly avoid nosebleeds.

A Bloody Nose Treatment

  1. Stand up and tip your head straight forward NOT backward.
  2. The soft part of your nose is pinched shut for 10 minutes.
  3. Only breathe through your mouth.
  4. Add ice to your nose.
  5. Test after 10 minutes for bleeding.
  6. Within the nostrils, add a saline-based nasal gel.
  7. For 48 hours, stop blowing your nose, then blow gently.
  8. In order to sneeze, keep your mouth open.
  9. Stop nose rubbing or picking.
  10. Uplift your head to sleep.
  11. Stop lifting the body, twisting and straining it.
  12. Stop aspirin- and ibuprofen-containing drugs.

Notify the doctor or contact the nearest ambulance or emergency care centre if the bleeding occurs.


Infographic by: www.nationaljewish.org

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