10 Free Ways to Get Better Cell Service #infographic

10 Free Ways to Get Better Cell Service #infographic

You can say it as many ways as you want but, we're sorry to say, it won't have any effect on having the call to the other end to communicate with the customer. So let's talk about some of the ways you can be helpful! ...next time.

We say next time" because once you have no or sluggish 4G LTE data, missed or dropped calls, you probably won't be able to read this message.

In this case, we've all been. In reality back in 2012, 88% of the US owned cell phones and 72% admitted to dropping calls at least occasionally. Since we all use the same frequencies today, there are still connectivity difficulties just about as much in 2019. And it is predicted that the connectivity will get even worse with the 5G network arriving soon.

Let's talk about some free and simple ways you can boost mobile coverage in order to get to the bottom of this. To figure out what causes poor cell service, check out this related story.


Infographic by: blog.surecall.com

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