Wet vs. Dry Dog Food #infographic

Wet vs. Dry Dog Food #infographic

Owners sometimes do not choose between canned and dry diets when deciding the type of food for their dog. The advantage of a ready-made commercial diet depends not on whether it is moist or dry, but on the product's composition. We can't assume that all wet foods, or vice versa, are better than dry foods. Each form has its benefits. Do not ignore the individual interests of the animals themselves, too.

The feed must contain all essential nutrients, microelements, and macronutrients, vitamins, and fibre for optimum nutrition. Full diets" or full-fledged in their composition, are many dry food diets that you can buy in the store and are suitable for the main menu of the dog." High-quality dry foods consisting of 75%-85% of different sources of animal protein are undoubtedly more nutritious than processed foods containing virtually no protein.


Infographic by: thepets.net

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