The Codes and Design Loads of Metal Buildings #infographic

The Codes and Design Loads of Metal Buildings #infographic

There are building codes in the United States designed to maintain a safety level that is enforced both nationally and regionally. While these codes vary depending on location because of the various difficulties different areas present to buildings, they are all based on the same load methodology.

The design of a building will differ greatly depending on location due to codes that are usually adapted to the specific climates and risks of where the building is being built. In relation to the climate of an area, many types of loads must be considered, including vertical loads, horizontal loads and longitudinal loads.

Vertical loads are split into several sub-classifications. Although some involve elements of the building itself, such as dead loads (materials used in the building) and collateral loads (HVAC and sprinkler systems, etc.), others are more volatile loads, such as impact loads and live loads (occupants, furniture, etc.).


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