Susan Clarke - Special Education 101 #infographic

Susan Clarke - Special Education 101 #infographic

"Special Education and Legal Matters: The Basics You Need to Know

A Free Adequate Public Education (FAPE) is constitutionally entitled to any child. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), federal and state legislation states that students with disabilities and their families have basic educational rights as well as procedural protections or special needs.

In the least restrictive atmosphere possible that meets the challenges of these students, the legislation offers tailored instruction—whether physical handicaps, intellectual disorders, behavioural or emotional disabilities, or sensory impairment.

The legislation also gives parents a voice and the right to vote on the education of their son or daughter.

A significant population of children with special needs have been identified as enrolled in public schools since the IDEA was first put into effect in 1975. Approximately 13 percent of pre-kindergarten students who are enrolled in public schools through 12th grade


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