How to Wear a Face Mask #infographic

How to Wear a Face Mask #infographic

They will release tiny droplets into the air when someone speaks, coughs or sneezes. For example, the particles in a sneeze can reach up to six feet. And because the COVID-19 virus usually targets the lungs, it can be attached to those small droplets. If they are touched or inhaled by another person, they may become infected.

Both significant ways to help prevent the spread of infection are to maintain physical distance, good hand hygiene and avoid touching your face. In certain cases, wearing a face mask is an effective technique as well. The transmission of germs may be restricted by a face mask, which then prevents anyone from becoming sick.

At present, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing a mask in public where it may be difficult to maintain physical distancing steps. Children under the age of 2 and someone who has trouble breathing or is unable to remove a mask without assistance are exceptions. If you are taking care of a person who cares about you, you should also wear a mask.


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