How to keep a dog from pooping in your yard? #infographic

How to keep a dog from pooping in your yard? #infographic

If you are a dog owner, then when you see your lovely pet stretch their legs and crouch down over every surface, you know the drill you should do. You're already grabbing your poop bags out of your pocket or purse and waiting to finish your business with him or her. Or at least, if you are a responsible owner and do not want to move anywhere down the line in someone else's company, that is what you should do.

It is often not that easy, however, because it may not be your own dog who does the business. You'll probably just scoff a little on public property and try to stop the 'brown bomb,' but what if other dogs are pooping in your yard? It is impossible to stop them, isn't it?

For individuals, it is not unusual to find faeces in their yards. Unfortunately there are a lot of strays wandering around due to people not spaying their pets and a general lack of animal treatment, particularly in more rural areas. They do not and do not separate your front yard from a park as a great place to do


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