Few U.S. Elections Kept Voters Waiting for Results #infographic

Few U.S. Elections Kept Voters Waiting for Results #infographic

The latest wait for the U.S. presidential election outcome has been the second longest since the 1960s, according to details obtained from a media survey. Just on one other occasion, as our graphic indicates, did the day following the election pass without a concession speech from the unsuccessful candidate.

There was indeed a concession the day after the notorious presidential election of 2000, to be exact, but one that was later taken back by Democratic candidate Al Gore. It wasn't until 36 days and a recount later in Florida that, on December 13, Gore conceded for a final time.

In reality, many presidential races of the past 60 years were much less competitive than the election this year, enabling them to be called on Election Day before midnight East Coast time. For starters, this was the case on the night of the 1972 re-election of Richard Nixon. George McGovern, the Democratic challenger, won just one state, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C., causing the race to be called early and McGovern


Infographic by: www.statista.com

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