Family Mediation #infographic

Family Mediation #infographic

Family mediation services aim to alleviate the tension, emotions and disputes that frequently occur when attempting to resolve cases that involve relationships such as marriage, civil unions and parenthood, and with good reason.

Mediators work tirelessly and professionally to ensure that conflicts are resolved before they can grow into insurmountable disputes, all while giving an impartial and constructive voice to the proceedings. In fact, family mediation is so effective that in most family law cases, including civil union separation and divorce, as well as cases that involve children and the family's money, it is now mandatory to at least consider using mediators. Because of this, it is very likely that before a family law court may even consider your application, you may be expected to attend an MIAM-and your case will be adjourned if the court is not happy that you have had this introductory meeting.


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