Breaking Bad Eating Habits #infographic

Breaking Bad Eating Habits #infographic

Even when we do our very best, our poor eating habits often get the best of us. We are all guilty of one poor eating habit at least. Can you think about the diet errors you've been making over the past week? These little bad habits can add up to some big no-nos! diet, from drinking too much soda to saving our calories for desserts. Over half of Americans still miss the most important meal of the day, despite the nutrition experts warning us to never skip breakfast. For a whole day of repeated poor eating habits, missing the first meal of the day will set you up. While it's not recommended to miss breakfast, there are plenty of other food errors we find ourselves doing, often without even knowing it.

Engaging in other poor eating habits can cause issues, such as an expanded waistline, low-energy feelings, and a sugar crash. Diabetes, weight gain, and other negative effects on the body may result from too much sugar intake.


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