7 Things in Your Resume That Will Get You a Job #infographic

7 Things in Your Resume That Will Get You a Job #infographic

Daily, recruiters go through hundreds of resumes. It normally takes them just a few seconds to determine the ones they are carrying on to the pile of All right" and which resumes end up in the bin. You have to stand out if you don't fancy your resume falling in the garbage! Often, getting your resume visible amongst the heaps of other applications is a tough job, but you can do it with a little support from us.

You may be wondering what else to add to make your resume hotter after you have filled in all the usual resume sections, such as personal details, email, your education background and any previous job experience. Your resume should say more about you, particularly if you are applying for a job in a larger organisation, than just general details a recruiter might easily find on your LinkedIn profile.

In fact, recruiters are not so interested in learning about your background. They want to know what you can do now and what value you are going to add to the market. Since you are unable to express the message,


Infographic by: blog.kickresume.com

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