52 Tips to Avoid Parking Lot Crashes #infographic

52 Tips to Avoid Parking Lot Crashes #infographic

Crashes in parking lots are less severe than crashes on highways, but they're far more frequent. About two-thirds of the accidents in a commercial fleet occur in a parking lot and involve a fixed or stationary object. Seems like a safe place to concentrate on preparing the commercial fleet, doesn't it?

Such crashes are more costly than they seem. It can rapidly add up to the cost of car repairs, service disruptions, paperwork, replacement drivers and injuries.

An ounce of prevention is greater than as they claim, a pound of cure. In the infographic below, check out these 52 tips to help drivers prevent parking lot accidents. Send them out as a text message once a week, through your in-cab system, or through email. Heck, just set them as the signature line of your email to randomly rotate through them.


Infographic by: blog.instructiontech.net

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