15 Surefire Ways to Know If Your Logo Is a Keeper #infographic

15 Surefire Ways to Know If Your Logo Is a Keeper #infographic

What makes one brand effective while another fails? The quality of the product, customer service and availability are obviously all significant factors in the performance of any company. But if the above are all equal, what separates a company in the vast sea of competition?

Often an efficient logo will be the difference between the wild success of a company or abysmal failure. Find a few of the most enduring brands in the world. They use logos that are not only eye-catching and unique, but also meaningful and unforgettable.

The logo is a flag, a signature, an escutcheon, a sign for the path. "A logo (directly) does not sell, it identifies," wrote world-renowned designer Paul Rand. "A logo is hardly a company definition. A logo derives value, not the other way around, from the quality of the thing it symbolises.


Infographic by: visme.co

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