Zoom Virtual Meeting Etiquette #infographic

Zoom Virtual Meeting Etiquette #infographic

When you're part of a Zoom or other virtual gathering, we have some tips and etiquette rules.

Switch the alerts off. You and other meeting attendees are disturbed by those tiny pings.

Switch the lights on. Get good lighting if you can. There's no need for a fancy studio or costly lighting. Sit by a window or have a nearby bright lamp.

When talking, look at the camera. If you're staring at the display instead of the camera, it's getting quite disrespectful now. It's a little uncomfortable at first, but eye contact will be appreciated by your audience.

Switch off the video while going about. When you intend to get up or walk around. Many cameras are at eye level, but that's not the moment you stand up.

When you're not talking, mute yourself. If your mic is close to your clothing, mics will pick up all sorts of sounds from you typing to the rustling of your shirt.


Infographic by: globalspex.com

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