UK demand for electric cars growing despite Covid crisis #Infographic

UK demand for electric cars growing despite Covid crisis #Infographic

"Reacting to SMMT's latest new UK car registration figures this week, Chief Executive Mike Hawes warned:" The automotive industry has shown remarkable resilience during a torrid year, but this is not a turnaround ... Unless the pandemic is regulated and consumer and business trust restored across the economy, the short-term future still looks very daunting.

There are some types of cars that are still seeing rising demand, considering the obvious crisis the Covid-19 pandemic has created for the industry. As this infographic shows, while much more petrol and diesel vehicles are still being sold, demand has decreased by 21% and 38% compared to 2019, respectively. The pandemic storm has been weathered by cars powered to a degree by electricity, recording growth of 184 percent for vehicles powered only by batteries, 139 percent for plug-in hybrids and 56 percent for hybrids.


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