Trump Ramps Up Twitter Use Ahead of Election #infographic

Trump Ramps Up Twitter Use Ahead of Election #infographic

Earlier this year, a journalist asked Trump why he didn't just delete his account and walk away from Twitter in response to his problems with the social media site. He responded that if it was not for his unjust treatment at the hands of false news, he would do it in a heartbeat. He said he can rely on his combined Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media platforms to circumvent conventional media channels, refute fake news and reach a total of 186 million people combined.

Over the past year, Trump's dependency on interacting via Twitter has become more obvious as he has increased his presence on the site. He tweeted or retweeted 3,568 times in 2018, and that increased dramatically to 7,818 in 2019, according to the Trump Twitter Archive. So far, the tensions with Iran at the beginning of the year, the spread of the coronavirus, and the build-up to a crucial election have proved to be highly tumultuous in 2020. Trump has tweeted or retweeted more than 850 times so far in October, and 


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