The Nobel Prize Gender Gap #infographic

The Nobel Prize Gender Gap #infographic

Of the eleven Nobel laureates nominated so far in 2020, four were women-quite a strong quota given that only 6 percent of the time since its establishment in 1901, women have won the prestigious award. U.S. poet Louise Gl├╝ck won the Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday-just the 16th woman to ever do so. The economic sciences award went to Stanford University's Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson on Monday for "improvements to auction theory and developments in modern auction formats."

In 1903, Marie Curie was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize and the only one to win it twice. A total of 57 women Nobel laureates were awarded, most of them in the categories of peace and literature. A gender breakdown of all (non-institutional) Nobel prize winners is shown in the chart below. In economics and physics, the fewest women earned an award: two out of 84 and four out of 216, respectively.


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