The Deepest Underground Structures in the World #Infographic

The Deepest Underground Structures in the World #Infographic

What forms of underground structures are located well below the surface of the Earth? You may be shocked to hear of the large range of systems that hundreds, and in some cases even thousands, of metres underground have been constructed. In order to find the five deepest of a number of different kinds of underground systems, we have taken a deep dive into the Internet. You are sure to be in shock at the depths of some of these underground buildings, from the world's deepest mine to the deepest swimming pool and underground bunker.

Although deep underground can seem like an strange place to construct a building, for some applications, these incredible depths can be very beneficial. One type of structure we concentrated on was underground laboratories, where being deep underground helps to protect cosmic radiation from sensitive physics experiments that continuously bombard the surface of the Earth.


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