How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google? #Infographic

How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google? #Infographic

A week, a month, a plus year? The question of how long it takes for Google to rank at the top is one we are asked almost daily. Unfortunately, since there are only so many variables to consider, it is a challenging question to answer: present domain authority, rivalry, on-site ranking factors, off-site ranking factors ... The list goes on.

If you're able to put in the tough yards (or hire an SEO expert to take care of things for you), then SEO can be a really worthwhile exercise, but it's not a short-term strategy at all. How long does it take to rank in one of Google's lucrative 'top of the first list' slots, exactly? "It depends" must be the short default answer, but we couldn't sleep well at night having left you with a response like that!


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