Has Trust in Science Become a Partisan Issue? #infographic

Has Trust in Science Become a Partisan Issue? #infographic

If there is one thing that the pandemic has brought to light, it is the fact that scientific discoveries are no longer a currency that can be agreed upon by all (or even most people). Although, by definition, scientists should be the most tested experts in their respective fields of expertise, be it virology, epidemiology or any other field, preferring not to believe they have become a viable choice in recent years.

"A self-declared science sceptic, President Trump added another chapter to this development on Sunday when he mockingly warned his supporters at a rally in Nevada that if elected, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would" listen to the scientists, "adding that" if I listened entirely to the scientists, we would have a nation right now that would be in a major depression instead. He tweeted on Tuesday that he couldn't believe the need to say "listening to Scie"


Infographic by: www.statista.com

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