Going Round in Circles? The Countries That Prefer Roundabouts #infographic

Going Round in Circles The Countries That Prefer Roundabouts #infographic

Roundabouts make waiting at traffic lights redundant, but they can mean an additional stress factor for those drivers who are unfamiliar with them. They can be harder to cross for cyclists and pedestrians, depending on their style. For the driver, however, it has been proved that roundabouts are a simpler and smoother way to travel through an intersection. Saving space (because there is no need for several lanes leading to a stop light) and reduced costs (because of better maintenance) are additional advantages of going round in circles.

Some countries in Europe, particularly France and Spain, have made the roundabout their go-to intersection. According to an assessment by the blog erdavis.com, France has 967 traffic circles per million inhabitants. The number of citizens in Spain is much smaller, at 591 per million, but still high relative to elsewhere. Other nations, such as the United States and Germany, also shy away from using the infrastructure.


Infographic by: www.statista.com

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