Down the Drain: Wastewater with the Most Cocaine #infographic

Down the Drain: Wastewater with the Most Cocaine #infographic

Half eaten kebabs, a broken high heel, a sick puddle in the doorway of a store-usual traces of a Saturday night out in town. However, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Abuse (EMCDDA) tests a much less obvious predictor of the partying habits of a city. They test samples of waste water across the continent every year for signs of illegal substances such as cocaine and MDMA.

The famous party town of Amsterdam is at the top of the scale with 1,028 mg of the drug per one thousand inhabitants streaming through the drains, looking at signs of cocaine found on the weekend. Swiss banking centre Zurich is second with 976 mg and rounding off the top three with 780 mg is the Danish capital, Copenhagen.


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