Curious Customs From Dinner Tables Around the World #infogtaphic

Curious Customs From Dinner Tables Around the World #infogtaphic

Table manners that you may characterise at home as friendly and proper may come across as unrefined, snobby or rude elsewhere.

All over the world, shared meals are a tradition, so it's no surprise that each nation will have its own take on what's considered the right etiquette.How much do you know about protocol at home, before we disclose customs abroad? Let's look at the past of table manners very quickly.

People used their hands throughout the Middle Ages to feed. Bread was used to help scoop up food and only knives were used by the rich. The sociologist Norbot Elias said of the period: "One does not put both hands in the dish in good society." Just three fingers of the hand are more refined to use.


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