A Guide to Dog and Cat Body Language #infographic

A Guide to Dog and Cat Body Language #infographic

Pets are a joyful and enriching part of life for many. We grow deep attachments to our pets, always taking them into account as our "fur babies" or best friends. In reality, children ( and adults) have a common wish to be able to speak to animals , particularly our beloved canines and felines. Scientists and scholars have delved into the complicated language of dog and cat communication, but we are not able to accomplish that (yet!). The language of dog body and cat body language is much more complex and nuanced than many of us know. This infographic gives some insight into how dogs interact and how cats interact. We will be more responsible and loving pet owners with a stronger understanding of dog body language and cat body language, and also be more relaxed at the dog park!


Infographic by: www.aaastateofplay.com

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