9 Ways to Support Small Businesses Without Breaking the Bank #article

9 Ways to Support Small Businesses Without Breaking the Bank #article

Supporting businesses in your community is important, and even more so during this time. While the pandemic has been running its course, you may have thought about all the local shops around you. As most places had to close to keep their staff and customers safe from the unexpected, they may have taken financial hits. 

With the holiday season coming up, it’s that much more special to spread awareness and support for all your well-loved local shops. If you’ve already started to think of what you’d like to get your loved ones this year, brainstorm local businesses you could get these items from! Not only could this help out small businesses in need, but it could also add a special touch to the gifts you’ll be handing out.

How to Shop Small Businesses

Shopping small businesses may require more of a strategy. But lucky, the world of social media and eCommerce may play in your favor. While shopping small, you most likely still don’t have to leave your couch. Here are three different ways to support your local businesses throughout this season.  

  1. Swap Your Store-Bought Holiday Cards

Starting with the famous holiday card! Instead of getting cards from a Hallmark store, look up different creators on Etsy, or Instagram in your area. You may be able to buy bulk, or handpick each card for each loved one depending on your needs. This could add a little spark to your gift and may even stand out in the crowd of other cards send their way. 

  1. Send Gift Cards of Your Favorite Local Brands

For those you may have no idea what to purchase for them, buy them a gift card! Even if your loved one lives out of the range of the town you live in, most e-commerce stores will ship to their area. Before you purchase the gift card, be sure to do your research and ensure they have an online storefront. If they do, purchase a gift card and send it their way! 

  1. Shop Throughout the Year 

It’s no doubt that handmade items can be a little pricey, but you’re paying for the quality. Instead of going all out the month before the holiday season, consider spacing out your purchases. Ensure you’re checking in on your budget and plan out your purchases from month to month. This can put your stress at ease and better prepare you for the holiday season ahead! 

As you show your support for local businesses, be sure to shout them out on social media. Spread the love and awareness for all your favorite brands for all your loved ones to see. Who knows, your followers may end up liking your favorite businesses just as much as you do! 

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