Business Software Directory Recognizes GrowSurf With 2 Marketing Software Distinctions #article

Business Software Directory Recognizes GrowSurf With 2 Marketing Software Distinctions #article

After a thorough examination from FinancesOnline’s B2B software experts, GrowSurf, a free referral software tool, received two prestigious recognitions: the Great User Experience and Rising Star award.

Generally, FinancesOnline’s experts praised GrowSurf’s ease of use. “GrowSurf makes it easy even for novice digital markets, agencies, enterprises and organizations of all types to create and launch viral referral campaigns online” thanks to our “user-friendly campaign builder.” Another functionality their experts praised is GrowSurf’s flexibility, allowing users to easily create their campaign specifications to best suit their marketing push.

Add GrowSurf’s easy to embed and shareable links, companies can ensure they ensure efficient spreading of a top viral marketing campaign. This is why Growsurf received FinancesOnline’s Great User Experience award for best marketing automation software alternatives, a recognition reserved to online solutions that feature a throng of efficiently designed functionalities while providing ease of use in facilitating the work process to launch referral marketing campaigns.

Similarly, the review platform bestowed its Rising Star award, a recognition given to software solutions that have endeared users due to its well-designed functionalities. Similarly, our software was also recommended in FinancesOnline’s types of marketing automation software guide.

GrowSurf was analyzed using FinancesOnline’s SmartScore system, which assesses all aspects of a product such as its main functionalities, collaboration features, customization capabilities, and much more.

These recognitions prove that creating viral loops to automate one’s viral growth can be efficiently done cost-free with GrowSurf.

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