The 6 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics #Infographic

The 6 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics

You will definitely like Google Analytics if you are a marketer and having a website. You should be aware of bounce rate, conversion rate, conversions, traffic sources and sessions. Do you have any idea how analytics data is perceived by the
clients when these metrics are presented in front of them? Now I am going to tell you the 6 most important reports in Google Analytics.
1.Your branding reports – The brand colors and your logo are featured in the reports of Google Analytics. This report will give you an idea about the reputation of your industry. The report will be considered as if it is developed after customization.
2.Traffic channel reports – Creation of every traffic channel is not the same. It is possible that a lot of conversion is achieved by it even after getting very little traffic. Your marketing efforts should be focussed on the decisions of driving data. At each channel you may have generated value. Inform the client about this.
3.Demographic data reports – The bounce rate by smartphone users can be seen in demographics data reports. The display of the device may not be able to show the webpage because formatting of the site is not according to that.
4.Conversion report – Information about revenue is important for the client. How much conversion and revenue are achieved is given in this report. It also gives the report about your company’s ROI.
5.Report about page-level behaviour – Here on the basis of time spent on a web page, exit rate and bounce rate pages are sorted. It also differentiates low performing pages from high performing pages.

6.Report about real-time event – The user’s interaction with the site is determined in this report. Image interactions, link clicks, button and video plays are tracked here.

The 6 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics #Infographic

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