How to Remodel a Bathroom Without Breaking Your Budget #Article

Description: Most of us want to spruce up our bathrooms but can't figure out how to do it without overspending or getting into debt. Do you know you can spend less than $5000 on a bathroom renovation? Get your notebook and calculator because, yes, you can!
So you’re thinking of sprucing up your bathroom? Is the budget ridiculously high, or are you scared of asking for quotations? You’re not alone. Most people are holding back because of bathroom renovation costs.
You understand the importance of renovating, both to the value of your house and for your peace of mind. Before you go and get yourself the best tools to own for this exercise, here are things you should consider.
First Things First, How Much Should You Spend on a Bathroom Renovation
Before you decide that your bathroom requires a remodel, it is natural you want to know how much it will cost you. Generally, the average bathroom renovation costs around $25,000.
Admit it. You are starting to think if money does buy happiness after all.
What if there is a way to renovate your bathroom without screaming into your pillow? That's right. Whether you’re planning a DIY bathroom renovation or hiring professional, specific tips could save you from financial desperation while at it.

How to Remodel a Bathroom Without Breaking Your Budget #Article

Basic Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Lower the Budget

Here are some basic bathroom renovation ideas on a low budget that might interest you.

Instead of Replacing, Restore

With a tight financial situation, it would not make sense to start tearing down the walls and ceiling or breaking up the floor. Instead, you want to focus on restoring the entire look. If you are a DIY person and it's a small renovation bathroom, this should even be cheaper.

Try Wallpapers

Walls are the most prominent feature in the bathroom since they create the bathroom's ambiance and atmosphere. Rather than depressing over flaking, cracked, and blemished wall, slap wallpaper over it.
This is certainly quick and easy, and you can change it as often as you want. There is a variety of options, and you can settle for those with a reflective quality such as metallic wallpapers.
In case you come across pricey wallpaper that you love, use it as a decorative instead, such as a feature wall. 
Before plastering your wall with wallpaper, ensure you fill-up the cracks or holes and get rid of loose paint. Currently, the market has “paste the wall products”, so you won’t need a specialist's help.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Paint

Not only is this option cheap, but you can extend it to the ceiling and the floors. Regardless of whether the floor is wood or tiles, painting is much less expensive compared to replacing, especially for a small bathroom renovation.
When painting the tiles, clean and lightly sand them to ensure that the paint adheres. Use a gloss finish to increase durability and enhance the overall look.
How to Remodel a Bathroom Without Breaking Your Budget #Article

Uncover the Flooring

Get rid of the tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring, and you might be lucky enough to uncover original floorboards. Settle for a natural look of a sanded floor, and for a little flair, paint them over with a tinted or clear varnish. Ensure to hammer each nail flush before you sand.
If you uncover a concrete floor, there is no need to polish it. Simply grind it back and use polyurethane to cover. However, a resealing will be necessary every few years.
So you're wondering how to blend flair with convenience? No problem there. Here is a list of bathroom renovation ideas that focus on the detail.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Focus on the Detail

There are also several bathroom renovation ideas that focus on detail.

Strive to Maintain the Plumbing

You will be paying out a lot more if your renovation plans involve moving the plumbing or drainage systems. Unless it is necessary, settle for remodel ideas that prevent this such as:
·        Instead of tiles in the shower, go for a pre-fabricated shower.
·     Rather than entirely replacing the toilet, change the lid and toilet seat instead. For a spruced-up look, use sea-themed colors such as aqua or beige.
·       Get rid of the old shower curtain or get a glass door installed.

Splurge on New Fixtures and Hardware

How to Remodel a Bathroom Without Breaking Your Budget #Article

It couldn't be easier to spruce up a bathroom. These inexpensive remodels will completely alter how the bathroom feels and looks:
·        For starters, reinstall new drain, sink faucets, and handles.
·        If you’re looking to free up space, install open shelves on your vanity.
·    Rather than bars, settle for hooks instead.They are simple to use, especially in a household with kids, use up lesser space, and the towels will still dry.
·   Get yourself a shower shelf for shampoos and soaps. They are a great storage solution that takes up less space in your shower.
·        Instead of track lighting, settle for energy-efficient bulbs.


At this point, there is not much of an excuse as to not renovating your bathroom. So go ahead and actualize your dream bathroom. Plan out a budget in advance of what you want to do, then look up how much it will cost you. DIY projects will save you a lot of money, though they may take a longer time.
Have you renovated your bathroom recently? Please share your thoughts and experience with us. We would love to hear from you!

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