How to Avoid Catching or Spreading COVID-19 When You Return to the Gym #Article

How to Avoid Catching or Spreading COVID-19 When You Return to the Gym #Article

Any fitness enthusiast knows it’s important to take certain safety steps at the gym. For example, wearing the right supportive sneakers is key to staying on your feet when performing a range of exercises.

However, now gym-goers are facing a unique safety issue: protecting themselves and each other from being infected with COVID-19. Even if you’re comfortable returning to the gym, odds are good you still understand it’s important to guard against spreading or catching the virus.

The following tips will help. If you’re ready to get back to the gym, keep them in mind:

Choose the Right Gym

The gym you frequented before the pandemic might not be the gym to which you should return. You need to assess your options before choosing a regular spot.

In various states and cities, lawmakers and regulators are establishing standards for gym safety, which typically involves limiting the number of people that can be in the gym or attend a class at any given time. That said, applicable laws vary from one part of the country to another, and some gym-owners don’t take them as seriously as they should anyway. You need to choose a gym that’s enforcing responsible policies.
Remember the Basics

Gym management isn’t the only party that needs to be extra-responsible these days. You also need to do what you can to keep the virus in check. Fortunately, this generally involves practicing the basics.

Use hand sanitizer when entering the gym and leaving. You might even consider applying it every time you’re finished using a particular piece of equipment. It’s also important that you be conscious of what you’re doing with your hands, making a point of not touching your face. To protect others, maintain a safe distance (this is particularly important during classes, which can often involve working out in close proximity to others), and thoroughly clean every piece of equipment you work out on when you’re finished with a routine.

You should also consider what to pack for the gym with even greater care than you normally do. For instance, while you already know it’s smart to pack the right womens sneakers or mens sneakers when heading to your local fitness center, these days, you also need to bring your own full water bottle, so you won’t feel the need to use the public water fountains.

Just keep in mind that none of this is meant to discourage you from returning to the gym. On the contrary, working out is good for your health. However, now you need to be even more responsible about taking safety issues seriously.

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