Best Home Renovation Ideas for Small Homes #Article

Best Home Renovation Ideas for Small Homes #Article

When it comes to renovating your home, it can be a daunting task as there are many factors to consider starting with the vision, budget, structural planning, accessories and furniture. We all want our home to give a welcoming and warm vibe. After all, who doesn’t like remodelling their home?

As much as the idea of redesigning a home is exciting, it comes with its set of challenges when revamping a small home. There are many issues, lack of space being one of them. However, it does tickle your creativity and presents a challenge to complete it. We know it can be an overwhelming task and that’s why we are here to help you. We have a list of the best home renovation ideas for small homes. 

Lighting & Curtains: Small spaces do look spacious with bright lights. Replacing old curtains with light and soothing-coloured curtains would give a new look. Personal preference and availability of materials would affect the decision. The use of Venetian blinds would give rustic touch if you’re looking for one. 

Storage Space: As mentioned above, storage space can be an issue even in big homes if not done right. You have to be crafty with space. For example, in the kitchen hanging pots on the ceiling or wall would be an intelligent way to organize. Under stairs, storage can further help you organize your things. Let’s not space hamper your creativity!

Moreover, slide-out chopping boards and pull-out cabinet drawers can come handy. Floating tables are gaining traction these days. It could serve as a dining space or a table. Fold it down when not in use. Getting a small dining table would free up space and would make the place look sorted.

Bathroom: When it comes to bathroom renovation, installing a corner sink can be a space-saving option. Avoid using sharp-corner vanities and go for rounded corners. Using large-space patterns such as stripes and squares can make the space bigger. Perfect for small houses, trough sinks are gaining traction these days. These are single basin sinks having the capacity for more than one wash station with a single drain. You can find unique and the best bathroom renovation at Port Macquarie.

Furniture: Avoid using a big coffee table and use two small ones. This way you would be able to move freely. The idea is to pick furniture having storage spaces or multifunctional items such as sofa cum beds or round storage ottoman can make a huge difference. 

These are a few things that you can explore while designing your new home. Also, incorporating neutral and pastels colours would take the ambience a notch higher. We hope this blog post was able to showcase some clever ways to remodel your home. 

We at AMS Property Renovations make tailor-made strategies and complete the project on time. We ensure to turn your dream into a reality with a team of experts. Offering the best bathroom renovation at Port Macquarie, we take care of all your renovation needs!

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